NHS Hypnotherapy Clinic

Rumi Peynovska runs a Hypnotherapy Clinic in Oncology, at Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial NHS Trust, London.

This is a special Hypnotherapy service for cancer patients designed to be used alongside their main medical or surgical treatment. Research looking into the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy and Cancer is showing that Hypnotherapy can help cancer patients successfully deal with anxiety, panic attacks, fear, stress, pain management, sleeping problems, medical therapy compliance, radio and chemotherapy treatment and many other psychosomatic and psychological complaints.

Guided imagery and visualisation techniques help patients achieve relaxation and boost their immune system thus aiding the fight against cancer and helping the healing process. Cancer patients who are registered Charing Cross Hospital patients and would like to be referred to the Hypnotherapy Clinic at Charing Cross Hospital, London, can either contact Rumi Peynovska directly or call the medical secretary on 020 88471741.

Please note: if you are not a Charing Cross Hospital patient and would like to be referred to the clinic please contact Rumi directly on 07711 681134 or by e-mail at rnp@medicalhypnotherapy.co.uk.

Hypnotherapy clinic for cancer patients - Proving that cancer need never be a lonely experience