Surgery Programme

Surgical operations and anaesthesia can be very stress producing events in anyone’s life. Scientific research into the effectiveness of hypnosis in surgical interventions shows that patients who had hypnotherapy sessions before surgery:

  • recovered more rapidly after surgery
  • felt better post operatively both physically and psychologically
  • had a shorter hospital stay after surgery
  • had less blood loss
  • had less postoperative pain and anxiety
  • had reduced use of narcotic pain medication

This programme offers three individual hypnotherapy sessions to prepare the person psychologically in the best possible way for the upcoming surgery and then for speedier postsurgical recovery. This therapy programme is suitable for anyone undergoing surgery and for anyone who would like to be actively involved in their own treatment and natural recovery.

For additional information or to enrol on the programme,
please call Dr Rumi Peynovska  on 07711 681134.