Dentistry Programme

People who use hypnosis for their dental work feel much more comfortable and at ease when they find themselves in the dental chair.

As a result they feel less pain, less anxiety and shorter perception of time for the hour long dental appointment.

Apart from the obvious applications of hypnosis as a natural, calming agent, hypnosis can be used to obtain anaesthesia, thus avoiding the use of any sedative medication.

Hypnotherapy can also be incorporated as part of the standard dental treatment of Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

People who suffer with TMJ dysfunction often experience joint pain, ear ache, headache, neck pain, limited mouth opening and joint noises. Quite often emotional problems make such symptoms even worse. When under stress, people with TMJ will clench or grind their teeth even without consciously realising it they may tense their muscles making the injury even worse.

Hypnotherapy can help such patients alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of TMJ by promoting deep hypnotic relaxation and effective stress management. The dental treatment programme consists of two to four therapy sessions depending on the problem.

For additional information or to enrol on the programme,
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Dr Rumi Peynovska  on 07711 681134.