Cancer Programme

The Cancer Programme supplements the medical and surgical treatment of cancer patients.

It is based on the current scientific knowledge of Mind and Body Medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology and Hypnotherapy. It uses well established psychotherapeutic techniques such as, stress management, relaxation, hypnosis, guided imagery, visualisation and cognitive behavioural interventions that are thought to have a positive influence on the disease process and the patient’s wellbeing.

Participants in the programme can expect to achieve improved mood, better coping skills, ameliorated disease related symptoms and ultimately better quality of life.

Patients will be taught suitable mind and body techniques which they are expected to practise on a regular basis in order to achieve maximum benefit.

Patients can enter the programme at any stage of their treatment and disease process. All that is required is a desire to be actively involved in the whole process of treatment.

The programme consists of three one to one sessions which take into consideration the individual needs and goals of the patient.

Usually patients feel much calmer and relaxed even after the first session and are very much surprised to discover the enormous power of their own mind and what it can do for them.

The programme is also suitable for people who suffer with claustrophobia and need to undergo radiotherapy treatment, people who suffer with needle phobia and need to have I.V. chemotherapy, patients who need to be fitted with PEG (stomach tube feeding), patients who need to speed up the re-feeding by mouth after they have been fitted with PEG , patients who would like to feel more relaxed and at ease when undergoing invasive medical procedures or as a preparation and speedier recovery after surgery. 

For additional information or to enrol on the programme,
please call Dr Rumi Peynovska  on 07711 681134.