Professional Mentoring Programme

With Rumi Peynovska MD, MSc, FBAMH

This programme is designed for healthcare professionals.  It is suitable to both newly qualified in hypnotherapy as well as to practising  therapists who would like to develop their professional skills further. It also helps practitioners with a health care background to implement and successfully use another modality in their treatment approach.


  • To assist in personal and professional development
  • To expand the professional theoretical and practical knowledge base
  • To update with the latest research regarding theory and practice
  • To develop necessary clinical skills
  • To help with difficult clinical cases
  • To facilitate career development
  • To help establish and maintain a successful therapy practice
  • To offer continuing professional development for therapists in practice

There are two different packages:

Individual one to one sessions

The programme will vary depending on the specific mentoring needs. Normally it includes several individual sessions either attended in person or via a video link. Sessions can be spaced throughout the year to cover a 12 month period. Regular contact and mentoring between sessions is maintained also via telephone and e-mail.

Group sessions

This programme runs for six months and consists of six monthly group sessions. The emphasis is on good clinical practice and clinical supervision. Group sessions are held with minimum of 6 participants and maximum of 10.

All sessions are held in central London.


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