Personal Development Programme

Hypnosis Workshop

How to Programme Your Mind for Success

a one-day workshop
presented by:
Rumi Peynovska MD, MSc, FBAMH
Anna Zohrabian MD, PhD, FBAMH


Who is this workshop for:

For everyone who would like to tap into the vast power of their own mind and apply this knowledge to improve their personal and professional life. This workshop may also serve as an introduction to further studies in hypnotherapy

What you will gain from the Hypnosis workshop:

  • The ability to use the power of your own mind for your own benefit
  • The ability to empower yourself to achieve harmony in your life
  • An understanding of what hypnosis is and how it works
  • The ability to relax deeply and in just a few minutes minutes
  • How to use hypnosis in everyday life to achieve your goals
  • A wealth of information on human behaviour, psychology and emotional states
  • Discover how to use self-hypnosis to: Increase self-confidence – Enhance creativity – Improve sleep – Boost immune system function – Balance your emotional life – Manage anxiety – Lift depression – Manage stress – Enhance your memory and learning abilities
  • Anxiety, anger and stress-management techniques that really work

9.45 – 10.00 am Registration & Coffee/Tea

10.00am Introduction:

  • Understanding Hypnosis.
  • What is hypnosis?
  • Exploring the myths.
  • Research-based information on the psychological and physical benefits of hypnosis.

11.30am Coffee/Tea break
11.50am Teaching Self-hypnosis. The easy to use hypnotic strategies.

  • Experience deep relaxation.
  • Improve your physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Achieve your goals without fear of failure, without unnecessary anxiety, without uneasiness.

1.00 -2.15 Lunch break

2.15 – 3.30pm Essential elements for Emotional Health.

  • Using the mind/body connection.
  • Eliminate unhealthy beliefs
  • Program your mind for success
  • Quick and effective techniques
3.30pm Coffee/Tea break
3.50pm – 4.45pm Hypnosis for greater health and personal development..

  • How to deal with difficult situations.
  • Using hypnosis for confidence
    • ego-boosting
    • motivation and to alleviate stress, anxiety, anger and depression.
  • The Future – using what you’ve learned in your personal and professional life.
  • Practical applications of hypnosis for everyday use.

4.45pm-5.00pm – Q&A


The cost of this workshop is £155.-